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MicroKlen Microfiber Towel Set #Giveaway

MicroKlen Microfiber Towel Set #Giveaway.

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Creativity Is…

Creativity Is….

Running Lies And Other Accidental Competitions

a little misadventure

I have a reoccurring nightmare. I’m running a marathon. (ha! Imagine mE running a marathon! And for the record – if you ever do indeed see me running you better join me because I’m pretty sure it must be something awful chasing me!).

So – the horrible part isn’t the running (can you believe that?!) the really terrible part is that somewhere around the “Mile Three” marker I spot a group of cheerleaders. They are yelling and waving signs – and I think this is a good thing. Then I get close enough to actually see and hear what they are saying… and rather than words of encouragement it’s stuff like “This should be easy – I don’t know why you’re breathing hard” and “You’ve got SO much further to go! What’s wrong with you?” and “Look how beautifully I just ran in my homemade organic sandals” and “See my adoring husband waiting…

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Running Lies And Other Accidental Competitions

Running Lies And Other Accidental Competitions.

Easy Illuminated Holiday Centerpiece

I love this idea! Now off to make my own, thanks Cheltenham Road.

Cheltenham Road

Easy Light Up Christmas Centerpiece Idea from Cheltenham Road Well that was a pause. Sometimes blogging makes me feel great and sometimes it makes me feel like the world’s worst pen pal.

Thank you all very much for the well wishes about my back. It’s much better though it’s still slowing me down a bit.

And thanks too for the votes about the coasters. You came up with logic and reasons that never crossed my mind. Club Ballyhoo seemed to be the least popular so it’s out!!

I’ve been in high factory mode – here is what part of a 500 coaster order looks like (having ice cream close at hand is necessary in these circumstances).Coasters and ice cream Cheltenham RoadAnd here are a bagillion blocks in various stages of done-nessbillions of candle blocks cheltenham road

So now, my mind has turned to getting the house ready for the annual Christmas Dessert party.

I was looking for an idea for the center of the table.

I just took…

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